Misbehavior of Cricket Fans Annoy Shahid Afridi

Misbehavior of Cricket fans annoyed the former captain of Pakistan Shahid Afridi when one of the supporters at the airport pushed the daughter of Boom Boom. Cute and innocent daughter of Shahid Afridi fell on the floor that made the father of that little girl get angry on them. It was the most pathetic act by the supporter at the airport since no one should have done that with any little girl.

Cricket fans of Shahid Afridi had done something bad with the daughter when she was also at the airport to receive her father after he had played matches out of country. She was there with the flowers in hand when she was pushed by one of the supporters there at airport. Such behavior with the little girl of the former captain made him get angry on him.

Anyone could have got angry when his daughter or son was pushed by the supporters. That was the cheapest thing that was ever done in the whole world. Supporters have been the true force of the players all over the world even in India; the players have been misbehaved by the supporters after the loss in the matches.

None of the cricket fans ever misbehaved with the little kids such as the supporters at the airport gave a push to the daughter of Boom Boom who was so innocent and has been loved and cherished. She fell there but was lucky enough to be safe all the way. The other family members of Shahid Afridi were also present there at the airport who then took her up.

Cricket fans were then treated by the former captain when he got angry and started giving lesson to those people. Nobody could have born such attitude of the supporters with the kids at the airport. The star of the Pakistan team then controlled him when his brother told him that her daughter was fine at the airport and did not get hurt. He then just apologized to the supporters in an interview on the private news channel.

Cricket Fans Misbehave Daughter of Shahid Afridi

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