Misbah Ul Haq Celebrates at Lords

Misbah Ul Haq Celebrates at Lords. Misbah ul Haq the Pakistan test captain and cricketer faced Shahid Afridi in Sri Lanka premier league. Nobody could believe what had happened to him. He was about to face the first ball of the match against Shahid Afridi. The test cricketer was clean bowled by the leg spinner on the first ball and stood his ground in shock as he never expected such a delivery from Shahid Afridi in Sri Lanka Premier League.

Misbah ul Haq was one of the players in the batting side on which the whole team was depending in the cricket league of Sri Lanka. Many other batsmen were also having difficulty playing the leg spinner from Pakistan cricket team. Leg spinner Shahid Afridi had a good record in bowling on the pitches that had some turn since he used to zip the ball.

Shahid Afridi has almost played every cricket league that included overseas players. He had impressed the cricket fans all over the globe since people loved his batting style of hitting huge sixes. Sri Lanka also conducted a cricket league after having wonderful responses by other countries. Young players of Sri Lanka cricket team were also part of that league.

Misbah ul Haq was in the middle since his team lost a wicket earlier. Shahid Afridi knew the mentality of his captain who had played lots of cricket with him. The batsman wanted to block the ball since he wanted to check his shot. That ball of leg spin bowler came back and stayed down as it hit the timber. The captain could not block it.

Batting of Misbah ul Haq has been impressive in all formats in the international cricket. People used to criticize him for his slow strike rate. In that particular match in Sri Lanka cricket stadium, the batsman was ready to defend it. Shahid Afridi zipped the ball and clean bowled his test captain.

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