Miracle of Allah Surprises Whole World

Miracle of Allah surprised everyone and the whole world when a fisher man saved a baby from the sea while he was fishing on a holiday. The incident shocked the whole world as the reality was so surprising since that kid was so young that it looked like as if someone threw it in the sea just after it was born. That kid got the attention of the fisher man when he started crying and shouting.

That Miracle got the attention of all the people all around the globe. The fisherman took that kid to the Hospital so that he could be treated as he was floating on the surface of the sea. The people who watched that kid for the first time they really cursed the parents of that kid and assumed that somebody had thrown it as they must have tried to hide their sin and it might have been the illegal child.

The fisherman was kind enough and wanted to take that kid to take him to his home. The fisherman has been fishing in the sea for many years and he has never seen such kid in the sea in his whole life. The fisher man saw that kid floating in the sea and one of his friend started to record the video. They both were really curious about the kid.

Allah showed Miracle on many times and people really believed that it could only be the Almighty who could save that kid from the deep sea. The fisherman has been going in the deep sea for fishes but he was so surprised to see such a baby in the deep sea. He could not believe that nobody could live on the surface of the sea for that long time.

That miracle also impressed many non Muslims as well when they watched the clip of that innocent kid getting taken out from the sea. Many of them converted to Islam when they watched the video of that fisherman taking out the kid from the sea.

Video Link : http://dawntoday.com/fOUeQ

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