Miracle Happens in the Sea

Miracle happened in the sea when the fisherman was surprised and shocked to see an innocent kid floating on the surface of the sea. It was the most shocking incident that got the attention of so many people all over the world. They were really worried to see such pathetic activity of the person who threw the kid into the deep sea.

The miracle of baby getting saved from the deep sea by the fisherman was very attractive news for the whole community and they called it as the amazing and surprising thing that was ever experienced by the fisherman. The fisherman took that baby to the hospital since it was freezing due to cold water of the sea.

The video of that incident was shared on the social media by the friend of fisherman who made the video with his phone. The news went around the whole world and they said that it could only be Allah who could save that baby from the deep water of the sea. That kid was saved and then taken by the fisherman from the sea.

Such miracle of saving the baby from the deep sea was not only the first thing that impressed the whole community of the world including the Muslims but there have been many incidents and videos that have been shared and watched by lots of people on the internet. Even Non Muslims were also impressed by the unknown force that saved that kid from drowning in the deep sea.

Miracle of Allah was believed by everyone and they said that the kid was thrown in the sea by some people who thought it to be the illegal child and they both wanted to hide their sin. Everyone agreed including the fisherman that the video of that incident should have been shared on the internet since they wanted those people to know the kid.

Fisher Man Saves baby from River

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