Mir Hamza Swing Bowling Surprise England

Mir Hamza Swing Bowling Surprise England. Wasim Akram Legend surprised Croft who was batting for England when Pakistan toured there. The bowler bowled a special ball to dismiss the batsman of England but he was thankful to the decision of umpire who gave him not out. The replay showed that the ball had swung big time and it beat the bat while the batsman Croft got it hit on his leg.

Wasim Akram Legend shouted for the leg before wicket out but umpire was unmoved. According to the the commentator the ball had struck him right on the feet and it did not hit any bat at all. The conditions of England pitches suited both the bowlers of Pakistan. The left arm pace bowler of Pakistan who had lots of wickets on England pitches, could not believe the decision of umpire.

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That ball was considered as the ball of the century by the left arm pace bowler of Pakistan who was brilliant throughout his career. On England pitches he swung the ball a long way. Waqar Younis was also one of the bowlers of Pakistan who had bowled really well on the pitches of England. Croft was batting to survive against the fast bowling of Pakistan attack.

Wasim Akram Legend had the experience of taking so many wickets on the pitches of England and Australia that he had known that Croft was out but the umpire did saved the batsman of England. During the whole innings of England, the left arm pace bowler of Pakistan troubled all the players in such conditions.

That ball by Wasim Akram Legend was the most dangerous ball in the whole innings that swung late and the batsman Croft could not play it with the bat. The umpire made the decision of giving the batsman not out however the cricket fans instantly called it a bad decision.

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