Mir Hamza Amazes England with Swing Bowling

Mir Hamza Amazes England with Swing Bowling. Wasim Akram Legend was one of the top bowlers of the cricket history that has been remembered for his excellent bowling ability. He used to swing the ball both ways and batsmen mostly could not understand his delivery at all. Same thing happened with the batsman of England Croft who was batting against him. the left arm fast bowler bowled him a swinging yorker.

Wasim Akram Legend hit the batsman Croft of England on his toes and the ball was also going to hit the stumps but the umpire did not give that out. He was very annoyed that Croft of England was not given out despite of the ball hitting the stumps as well. The commentators were also shocked to see that the umpire should have given the batsman of England out.

That ball in the end was called ball of the century. All the cricket experts said that they had never seen such swing and length from any bowler in the cricket history. They all praised the bowling of Pakistani bowler who had toured England and the cricket fans got the chance to see entertaining bowling stuff on those pitches.

Wasim Akram Legend used to be very quick at that time along with the other fast bowler of Pakistan Waqar Younis. Both the bowlers used to bowl in tendon and used to get lots of wickets on the pitches of England. The ball that was called as the ball of the century, was played by Croft.

Wasim Akram Legend was quite surprised over the not out decision of Croft of England who was struck right in front of the middle of his stumps. At that time there was no referral system so the batsman Croft got the decision in his favor otherwise he would have been sitting in the pavilion.

Mir Hamza Brilliant Swing Bowling

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