Michael Hussy Plays Huge Shot Like Shahid Afridi

Michael Hussy played a huge shot like Shahid Afridi as it hit the roof of the cricket stadium. The cricket stadium was a huge one and was covered with the roof. The batsman of Australia hit the cricket ball really hard that it went towards the sky. Everybody sitting in the cricket stadium was really amazed. The umpire gave a surprising decision by giving it a dead ball.

Michael Hussy should have been awarded 12 runs for hitting cricket ball to the roof of the huge stadium but instead of getting runs the umpire signaled it to be a dead ball. The left hander got amazed at the umpire decision and asked him why not he gave him runs for hitting cricket ball to the roof of the cricket stadium.

The umpire from Pakistan explained to him that there was no such rule mentioned before the start of the play. He said that if there had been any rule described then he must have given him runs for hitting the roof of the cricket stadium. That match was not an international match and it was being played to get the charity fund for the charity purpose.

The hit of Michael Hussy reminded that Shahid Afridi also had hit that high cricket ball to the roof the stadium that was not a short stadium. Shahid Afridi smashed the cricket ball in the ground of England while this match was being played in Australia. Both the stadiums had roof since there could be cricket all the day despite of the rain fair.

Michael Hussy was asked about his views at the end of the match during the presentation ceremony. The commentator also told him about the hit that was struck by the Pakistani all rounder Shahid Afridi who just was rewarded 12 runs while the left hander did not get any run at all after hitting that huge hit. The cricket ball hit the roof and fell down on the same position within the boundaries.

Michael Hussy Amazing Shot Like Shahid Afridi

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