Mehwish Hayat Video Gets Leaked

Mehwish Hayat video was leaked and shocked the whole public. The upcoming item song girl has been very bold in her appearance since she started working in the movies. She surprised everyone one her item song of the movie came on the screen in which she wore very bold dress. Her whole body was exposed to the public and she did not feel any awkward.

Mehwish Hayat was criticized for her bold dress in the item song of the movie but when she was asked about her being very bold she did not feel any regrets. According to her that item song demanded some kind of attractive dress and the dress she wore was quite attractive rather than vulgar. After her item song in the movie she again became the hot news of the media.

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Her latest video was leaked that was disliked by so many viewers and they criticized again for her latest vulgar dress that she wore in the song that was sung by her little sister. She again wore vulgar dress than the previous one in the item song. Viewers were really upset over her attitude in the media and in the movie and they said that it all happened since there was not code of conduct for the film actress.

Mehwish Hayat did not feel shy in the item song of the movie and also she did not care about the views of the viewers about her latest video clip that was leaked. The video song that was leaked recently became talk of the town and it was also disliked by the viewers when they said that she crossed the limits and the standards of the dress that should have been in the movies.

Video of Mehwish Hayat was also scrutinized by the censor board of the movie organizers but they also did not take any action against the film actress. The viewers said that there has been no official who could stop such immoral dresses in the movie and the item song.

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