Mehwish Hayat Surprises Public

Mehwish Hayat wore indecent dress again in the song that was sung by her little sister and that video of that song was leaked on the social media that has been criticized heavily for her dress. She has been accused of wearing vulgar dresses in the past as well when viewers complained about her immoral dress in the item song that she wore for her previous movie in the showbiz industry.

Dress of Mehwish Hayat was so indecent that she seemed to expose her whole body in the video song. Early dress of her item song also became scandal when she agreed to expose her body to attract the people in the movie. She replied in a casual way when she was asked about the criticism over her immoral dressing in the items song in the movie.

The news anchor inquired about her dress in the item song of the movie but she said that it did not look vulgar at all rather it was looking very attractive and therefore she wore it. It has not been quite a long time since she was complained about her indecent dressing. The recent video clip that got the attention of the media rather social media highlighted her dress again.

Mehwish Hayat also dressed quite improper in the latest video clip that was watched by lots of people on the social media. The film actress was not the only person form the media that has started to do such useless tactics to become famous in the item song and the movie rather many other models and actresses have been doing such shameful acts in the past.

Mehwish Hayat has started her career from the TV dramas and she earned quite lot of fame due to her acting skills in the dramas. She moved to join the showbiz industry when she was offered a role in the item song of the upcoming movie. The only criticism she had was about her indecent dressing in which she wore some dresses that expose her whole body and she never rued for it.

Mehwish Hayat Leaked Video

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