McGrath Bowls Abdul Razzaq

McGrath bowled to Pakistan’s most dangerous all rounder in the past Abdul Razzaq and got hit badly by him. This was the moment when the bowler of Australia got really angry after getting hit for 5 boundaries in an over. The captain of the Australia cricket team also came to advise him to come around the wicket to deceive the batsman but he still got hit for a boundary.

McGrath was really treated as he was not a top class bowler when Abdul Razzaq hit him for five consecutive boundaries in the ground of Australia. It happened for the very first time that one of the main and important bowlers of Australia was smashed with lots of shots. The bowler did not have any idea of how to stop him from scoring shots.

Five consecutive deliveries were scored for boundaries and the captain of Australia team had to come and tell the bowler about the line and length that the bowler should be bowling. Before that incident nobody was able to hit him for that many deliveries in an over and that too in Australia. The bowler was only able to contain the last ball on which no boundary was scored.

McGrath never had the chance to bowl any batsman who was supposed to him five successful shots. Last delivery of the over was bowled to Abdul Razzaq and this was the first time in the over that a dot ball was bowled. Abdul Razzaq did a very funny thing on the last ball as he could not score any shot on that delivery.

McGrath reacted very angrily on Abdul Razzaq and wanted to throw the back to the batsman while on the other hand Abdul Razzaq got scared of getting hurt and ran off his position towards the leg umpire. The crowd sitting in the cricket ground of Australia really enjoyed the moment. The commentators and the players were laughing while the bowler of Australia was so serious.

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