Massage Parlor Video Leaked

Massage parlor video got leaked the other day when the news anchor of a news channel got the news form reliable resources that some bad activities had been done by the female staff. That place was known to be the place where men could go and get their bodies relaxed for paying some money to the owner of the shop.

That massage parlor turned out to be the vulgar place as the news anchor revealed some shocking videos of the raid that they made along with the crew of the news channel and the police. The video was shown in the program of the news channel. Young boys were caught without their dresses and the female staff was caught doing bad acts with them on the name of getting them pleasure.

The video was quite shocking for the parents of the young boys and girls who were caught there during the raid of the police with the help of the news anchor and the crew of the news channel. All the girls and the boys were hiding their faces when the camera man of the news channel tried to show their faces in the video.

The massage parlor was banned by the police men and they had also reported first investigation report against the owner. He had been doing such activities for many months but it was said that he had been giving money to some of the police men who did not leak the news to the officers of the police station. The video showed that the rooms were separately built to provide full privacy to the customers.

Staff of massage parlor said that they had been paid quite high for the services they had been providing to the men. Female staff was taken to the custody of the police station so that their family member could be called in to investigate the whole incident that was revealed by the news anchor and the crew of news channel.

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