Marlon Samuels Fights Shane Warne

Marlon Samuels fought with Australia’s leg spin bowler in the Big Bash league. The fight started with each other when the West Indian batsman tried to block one of Shane Warne’s team members to run for the second run. He might have done it in a funny way but the captain of that team Shane Warne started abusing the batsman.

Marlon Samuels has been considered as one of the very calm player in the West Indies team since he was never seen getting confused or showing any emotion of sadness, anger or happiness. The only incident that showed his character in a negative was when he and Shane Warne were involved in a fight during a match.

That match was being played in Big Bash League was going pretty well until some grudge of Shane Warne did not let the batsman continue playing his normal cricket. The incident was pumped when the batsman of West Indies cricket team was bowling and stopped the batsman from making the second run.

Marlon Samuels did not do it intentionally rather it just happened spontaneously. On the other hand the leg spinner of Australia also got carried away with the emotions. These sorts of incidence have been happening in such cricket leagues but nobody had gone so far as those two players one from Australia and the other one form West Indies gone.

Marlon Samuels looked to be soft spoken person and he proved in that match until both the players started to call bad names to each other. The fight was stopped by all the closing players and the umpires. The video of that incident in the Big Bash League was also recorded by the camera that was placed right over the helmet and the cap of the umpire.

Marlon Samuels Throws Bat At Shane Warne

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