Malaysia Hosts Shahid Afridi in Their Team

Malaysia asked Shahid Afridi to play for their country in the super cricket tournament in 1998 just one year after the world fastest century record by the famous all round cricketers. He was asked to play in that super cricket tournament since they wanted to promote cricket in their region. Their team also included some other overseas players as well. Shahid Afridi was the highly rated player at that time too.

Malaysia team required someone to play for themselves so that he could attract the crowd in their stadium to promote cricket. Super cricket tournament was organized by the country officials since they wanted their team to develop in this sport as well. Another batsman from Zimbabwe was also part of their team.

Shahid Afridi as usual kept on hitting boundaries and sixes and kept on entertaining people in that super cricket tournament. The Malaysian sports management did like the idea of including an icon like Shahid Afridi in their team since they were getting good response from the hitter as all the cricket fans were really enjoying there in the stadium.

Malaysia has been the country where the temperature remained pleasant for the cricket throughout the whole year and people used to go to outside to get relaxed. It has been many years that super cricket tournament has not taken place in fact that was only tournament in which Shahid Afridi represented at that level from any other country.

People of Malaysia did not know that game very well but all the overseas citizens who belonged to the Asian countries really appreciate the effort to bring some charm in their team by including Shahid Afridi as the icon player. Shahid Afridi was quite young at that moment in that super cricket tournament since it was organized just after the one year since he made his mark in the international arena.

Rare Video of Shahid Afridi Playing for Malaysia in 1998

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