Little Girl Tears Become Crystal

Little girl tears became tear that shocked everybody in the whole world. It was the amazing incident that happened Lebanon. The Lebanese girl surprised the medical experts too as they also were not able to find out the reason of that thing. The video showed that the girl left crystals when she cried through her eyes.

Little girl from Lebanon looked so innocent that she did not know how to stop crying. She said that whenever she cried the crystals did come out of the eyes. The father showed her eyes closely and it was clear that her tears were becoming crystals.  The crystals were gathered in the hand and the video showed it clearly.

The video was quite shocking for the people who watched it on the social media. The video was watched by that little girl too who was just twelve years old. Such incident has also happened in India too where a girl surprised when blood dropped from her eyes.

The girl had to go through in pain but after that it stopped bleeding. On the other hand the lady with the crystals did not have any pain since the crystals started to become when it the tears came from her eyes.

Girl Tears Become Crystals

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