Left Hand Batsman Plays like Shahid Afridi

Left hand batsman played like Shahid Afridi in the Caribbean premier league and hit 6 huge sixes in West Indies. The coach and the management sent him up in the order since they needed some quick runs. They were amazed to see that Sohail Tanvir surprised everyone with his hitting and also score quick fifty on just eighteen balls. The experts said that it was another Shahid Afridi.

Left hand batsman Sohail Tanvir of Pakistan cricket team amazed the cricketing world in the Caribbean premier league that was played in West Indies. He scored fifty on just 18 balls and smashed 6 consecutive sixes to the bowler who had played international cricket too. That bowler did not know how to contain Sohail Tanvir despite of the fact that he was known to be a pinch hitter.

Shahid Afridi really appreciated him for his fantastic hitting on the pitches of West Indies. Shahid Afridi also had played that Caribbean premier league along with some other international players of Pakistan as well with the permission of the cricket board. Another cricket league was started in Indian that was banned by the International cricket council.

Style of Left Hand batsman was just like Shahid Afridi when he was just hitting the ball with the perfect sound. Other players including international players Pollard and Andre Russell were also part of that Caribbean premier league since they were the national players of West Indies cricket team.

With the inclusion of Sohail Tanvir, his team had better batting option with the left arm bowler of Pakistan was performing with the bat like Shahid Afridi. On the other hand, Shahid Afridi really appreciated him since he was also playing that Caribbean premier league. Some of the Pakistani players have also gone to play that Caribbean premier league in West Indies.

Another Shahid Afridi in Making

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