Lebanese Girl Shocks with Crystal Tears

Lebanese girl shocked the whole world and the medical experts with her crystal tears. The lady of twelve years in Lebanon cried but instead of her tears, small crystals came out from her eyes. Her whole family got surprised and then they went to the doctors. The doctors were also amazed since they did not see such incident in their whole life.

The Lebanese girl was taken to the medical experts so that they could know the reason behind those crystals that came out of her eyes. The doctors were really amazed as they did not know the reason and they could not find the solution  for those tears becoming crystals. The video of that twelve years old girl was watched by so many girls.

Other Girl was also seen in some other part of the world when blood came from her eyes instead of tears.  That girl also had some disease which showed the blood and doctors said that it was a unique disease.  The girl was weeping but the tears never came out of her eyes. Instead of tears the blood ran out of her eyes.

Some experts said that it could be due to the illness in her childhood.

Video Link : http://dawntoday.com/0WF9P

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