Kiwis Batsman Scores 12 Runs on 1 ball

Kiwis batsman scored 12 runs on the final ball and surprised everyone in the county cricket match. The commentators and the crowd that had come to witness the match on the holiday could not believe their eyes. Adams was the batsman who was on strike and he made it possible by hitting the free hit for 4 runs and then hitting six on the final ball.

Kiwis Batman was pretty confidence of making it to the winning side but he did not know that he would be the star of the match in the county cricket match. The bowler bowled a dot ball on the second last ball of the match. Adams could not make any run on it so it all came to the final ball of the county cricket match.

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Everybody including the commentators and the crowd lost their hope since it looked impossible but the batsman had different meanings of impossible. He was lucky enough to get a boundary on the no ball and he got the extra run off the no ball as well. The final show down was on and all the people started to talk about the final ball of the county cricket match.

Kiwis batsman was also quite confidence of achieving the score. Bowler was unlucky that he was smashed bay Adams for six on the last ball that looked impossible. The history was made in county cricket match. It was quite shocking for everybody watching cricket on the TV and in the ground. They could not believe their eyes.

Kiwis were quite happy that the world record was made by Adams in their county cricket match. He was known to be the hero of the news paper in the news of the sports since it was the first time that this sort of hitting was seen and watched on TV in the history of cricket.

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