King Cobra Fight With Wild Dog Amazes

King cobra fought with many dogs in the forest. The fight of these two species of animal world surprised so many people. Animal Animal channel aired the video that was taken by the tourists that had gone to visit the place to do some research work on the animals.

Tourists had visited some of the places in the past when they witness some fights but this was the first they were witnessing. Cobra was alone in the battlefield of the forest when some dogs went through that area.

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The Dogs were really dangerous by their looks and they wanted to make the reptile king as their lunch. Dogs thought that it would be an easy task for all of them but they could not believe what happened later.

The Cobra tried very hard to escape after many failed counter attacks but the wild animals did not allow to do so. It wan such an amazing fight to watch for wildlife lovers and surely it had amazed them a lot to see the defeat of reptile.

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