Kevin Pietersen Plays Unusual Shot

Kevin Pietersen was not even looking at the bowler when Shahid Afridi bowled him during the match played in Dubai cricket stadium. England batsman had just arrived at the crease but he was in great touch from the very start. The umpire did not even notice that the ball had been bowled the time batsman was looking on the pitch.

Kevin Pietersen has been the world class batsman of England cricket team and has impressed with his batting skills. He had all the cricketing shots in the cricket. The strange incident happened when one of the spinners of Pakistan cricket team, Shahid Afridi bowled to him in the Dubai cricket stadium. Shahid Afridi has always been the bowler who bowled his over very quickly.

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In that particular match he was bowling very quickly and never let the England batsman settle in the middle of the ground. Star batsman of England cricket team was looking down at the crease while everyone else was ready for the play. The bowler just bowled at his normal speed but the reaction of the batsman of England was different since he was not ready.

Kevin Pietersen looked at the ball right at the time when the ball had pitched near his bat. He did not enough time to back out of the play and leave the ball. Instead of leaving the ball he just smashed the bat at the ball despite of the result. The bat of the England batsman moved so quickly that even he was not looking at the ball still he was able to hit the ball towards the boundary over the fielders.

Kevin Pietersen then looked at both umpire and the bowler of Pakistan cricket team Shahid Afridi. The bowler also knew that the batsman of England was not ready and was not looking at the ball. They both laughed about what happened on the last delivery. The umpire did not feel like giving it a dead ball instead the batsman got the boundary on the ball on which he was not ready.

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