Kevin Pietersen Faces Shahid Afridi

Kevin Pietersen faced Shahid Afridi in the match that was played in Dubai cricket stadium. Pakistani bowler was bowling very quickly and finishing the over in a very short time. The England batsman was at the crease for some time and was sighting the ball very clearly. Interesting incident took place when Shahid Afridi bowled him while he was not ready.

Kevin Pietersen smashed the ball blindly when the bowler Shahid Afridi bowled at him. That was the surprising moment of the match. The umpire and the other fielders were also quite surprised at the bowling of the Pakistan bowler to the England batsman. The video replay showed that the bowler Shahid Afridi had arrived near the umpire to bowl but the England batsman was not looking at the ball.

The batsman was not ready but still he managed to hit it very hard that it went all the way over the heads of the Pakistan fielders. The fielder could not stop it going towards the boundary line and it earned him four runs. Shahid Afridi has always been kind of bowler who bowled quickly to finish off his spell of over.

Kevin Pietersen was looking at the umpire and at the bowler Shahid Afridi to expect it to be a dead ball. The umpire might have not noticed and did not call it dead ball since it went in the favor of England batsman so the batsman did not argue for it. Shahid Afridi was also laughing at the England batsman as he did not intend it.

Kevin Pietersen played a blinder shot to get four runs off the bowling of quick leg spinner who has always been the best bowler of Pakistan cricket team. It seemed that both the bowler and the batsman might argue with the umpire for the ball to be called a dead ball since England player was not ready for it.

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