Junaid Khan Wins Match Against South Africa

Junaid Khan won the match against South Africa in their backyard when they only needed 9 runs in the last over. The match all the way looked to be in the hands of the batting side as they played wonderful innings. Hashim Amla was the key batsman who played very good innings till the second last over of the match.

Junaid Khan had to bowl the final over of the match since main striker of the Pakistan cricket team Saeed Ajmal bowled the second last over of the match. Saeed Ajmal bowled very good second last over and gave away only 3 runs when 12 runs were needed in the second last over.

South Africa lost their main batsman Hashim Amla in the second last over off the bowling of Saeed Ajmal. They had still five wickets left and thought they could win the match easily. Left arm fast bowler of Pakistan was bowling really well and had all the confidence to defend 9 runs in the last over.

Junaid Khan started the over with the wonderful yorker which could not be scored. Everybody in the stadium was so excited to see such thrilling finish in the match that was being played in the backyard of South Africa. Pakistani bowler stunned the whole stadium with his six balls when he never let the batting side to score those nine runs.

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