Junaid Khan Bowls Vs South Africa

Junaid Khan bowled magnificently vs South Africa in the match that was played in South Africa as well. The batting side of South Africa needed only nine runs in the last over the left arm fast bowler of Pakistan cricket team who was bowling really well. The bowler had told his captain that he could finish the job for the country.

Junaid Khan was left for the last over of the innings. Second last over was bowled by the top spinner of the Pakistan cricket team Saeed Ajmal who conceded only five runs. Although the batting side had five wickets left in their innings yet they were not feeling comfortable against the top class bowling effort of the Pakistani bowlers.

South Africa top class batsman Hashim Amla lost his wicket in the previous over of the spinner Saeed Ajmal. That was a big loss for the host but they had the left hand  batsman Miller in the middle who had played wonderful innings in the past. The left arm fast bowler started his over with only nine runs to defend.

Junaid Khan surprised everybody by restricting the batting side and winning the match for the bowling side by his superb  yorkers.

Junaid Khan Match Winning Over

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