Journalist Reveals Cricketers To Be Sacked

Journalist on a private news channel revealed some news from the cricket board of Pakistan team. He revealed that which cricketers are supposed to be sacked and dropped from the national team after bad performance of the Pakistan cricket team in the world cup. The team management is also supposed to submit a report on the bad performance of the whole team.

Revelation of Journalist about the sacking of some players after the dismal performance of the team in the world cup did not surprise any body. People were expecting some bold steps against the cricketers who were involved in the grouping of the team. That grouping cost the bad results of the team for the whole nation who had high hopes from the cricketers in the world cup.

After watching the program people have given different comments about the removal of the cricketers form the national side. They said that it was on the cards but it has happened in the past as well. The selection committee has been doing such stuff and they had been bringing back those players after some time. The team management also was not happy with the attitude of some cricketers of Pakistani team.

Journalist was asked about the news of the removal of some officials who hired the selection panel. He replied that only the head of the selection committee might have to bear the consequences of the bad performance of the team in the world cup. He informed the people that he was doing job in the cricket board as well but was promoted to the head of the selection committee.

News of journalist was something attractive for the poor nation who has been supporting the team throughout the world. In the last match that was played by the cricket team against New Zealand had some some concerns of the performance of some cricketers who intentionally did not want to see the team on the winning side.

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