Jaw Breaking Response of Shahid Afridi on Mocking His Tweets

Shahid Afridi, all-rounder and former skipper of Pakistan, gave a jaw breaking reply to Indian media on twisting and mocking his tweets regarding peace between two rivals. The situation between both countries are quite tense due to recent conflicts on different issue especially on suppressing the right of freedom of people in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Shahid Afridi tried to calm down the situation in his tweets few days earlier and suggested that both countries must resolve issues through dialogues. However, Indian media twisted and mocked his tweets calling him coward. On getting such response from media and mad Hindus, Afridi gave them a jaw breaking response in his interview.

Former Pakistani skipper warned Indians that they must not cross the red line otherwise they would see the wrath of Pathans. He referred the history in which Pathans fought and defeated the Hindus badly and warned them not to provoke us.

The Indian government and media have been creating war hysteria in its public against Pakistan and for this purpose they had planned so many false flag operations. However, at international level the narrative of Modi’s regime has been rejected due to insufficient proofs.

Its very strange that Modi’s regime still persists to launch surgical strikes within Pakistan’s territory which seems impossible at the moment due to efficiency of Pak Army. The sensible persons like Shahid Afridi tried to neutralize the situation with his peaceful tweets but surely the regime of butcher of Gurjat & Kashmiris does not want long lasting peace.

Jaw Breaking Reply

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