James Faulkner Makes Hatrick

James Faulkner Makes Hatrick. Shahid Afridi Leaked video hit the social media just before the crucial match of Pakistan versus Australia. The video showed that the captain of the Pakistan cricket team came back to the hotel after the preparation for the match against Australia. The captain who was criticized for the poor performance of the team in the world cup was alone in the hotel.

Shahid Afridi has not been in the best of the form in the world cricket cup. Due to his own performance and the bad performance of the team, he was being criticized quite a lot. In the recent matches it was observed that all the players did not perform at their best and the hints that the captain gave in the press conference also showed that they all were not happy with him.

Pakistan cricket team went out to the ground for the training and they spent quite a lot time there. After the come back of the cricket players from the ground, the scene of the hotel was quite surprising. Pakistan cricket team players looked quite sad and they were not seen talking to the captain when they came back in the hotel.

Shahid Afridi also gave some hints about some players who did not perform well despite of the fact that they were capable of doing good show. The match against Australia was very crucial and analysts have been complaining that the recent differences of the players with with the captain of the Pakistan cricket team could cost them loss in the crucial match.

Shahid Afridi was however was very proactive about the proceedings of the training and he was quite hopeful that the cricket team players of Pakistan shall come up with real hard work against Australia so that the match against them could be a lucky one.

Video Link : http://dawntoday.com/AME8M

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