James Faulkner Comes Up with Hatrick

James Faulkner Comes Up with Hatrick. Shahid Afridi video in the hotel room just before the match against the mighty Australia proved the fight between him and the other players of the cricket team. It showed that he was coming back alone and all the other players who were criticized for making group against him were following at some distance. It proved that there was some grouping in the cricket team.

Captain Shahid Afridi was quite dejected with the overall performance of the team Pakistan and his individual performance. He tried really hard to put up a good show but he could not do so. News were circulating just before the start of the tournament that all the players have not been united against the captaincy of the all rounder.

Shahid Afridi was criticized for the captaincy spot before the start of the world cricket cup but the chairman of the cricket board shut the mouths of the people by keeping him the captain of team through out the world. Cup. After the dismal performance of the Pakistan cricket team, the effort of the whole cricket team needed.

Performance of Shahid Afridi was badly needed in the world cricket cup but he had not come up to the expectations of the cricket fans. The recent match against Australia might need hundred percent performance of the players along with the captain of the team. The only way of winning the match is the hundred percent effort from the boys.

Retirement of Shahid Afridi was not planned before the match against Australia but due to the pressure of the supporters and the grouping of the players the captain of the Pakistan cricket team had to make up his mind for the big decision. The recent footage from the hotel showed clearly the differences between the captain and the the other players.

James Faulkner Hatrick

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