Jacob Oram Delivers Dangerous Beamer to Afridi

New Zealand all-rounder Jacob Oram delivered a dangerous beamer to star cricketer Boom Boom Afridi in an ODI match. The ball hit the shoulder of batsman with pace behind it and he dropped his bat due to severe pain. The umpire declared it no ball and warned the bowler immediately. However Boom Boom showed great sportsmanship towards the bowler and accepted his apology.

Jacob Oram was bowling at the end of the inning while Boom Boom wanted to finish the inning in style. He left his all three wickets but the bowler targeted his body and ultimately delivered a beamer, the most dangerous ball not allowed in cricket. The ball hit the shoulder badly but the batsman showed great determination instead of leaving the ground.

Shahid Afridi took few minutes to settle down as the pain was severe and New Zealand players surrounded him with worry. However he did not call the doctor or physician to interrupt the match and he stood up once the pain decreased a bit. On the very next ball he smashed the ball out of the park for six runs.

The commentators praised the sportsmanship and determination of Boom Boom Afridi in match. He was very determined to score runs against New Zealand in that particular match to win the series. Therefore he never left the crease and stayed there to score runs which he did with powerful hitting. His short but brisk inning at the end of the inning built pressure on Kiwis to chase big target.

Jacob Oram went for plenty of runs and he did not bowl well against batsmen. He leaked plenty of runs towards the end of inning and consequently green shirts put a competitive total on the board considering the bowlers could defend the target. Boom Boom Afridi showed great determination which boosted the morale of the team.

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