ISPR Exposes False Indian Surgical Strike

DG ISPR Major General Asim Bajwa exposed the false Indian surgical strike over LOC (Line of Control) and stated it existential phenomena between both countries. Later ISPR released video of the fight between both military forces which clearly showed there was no surgical strike but regular madness of Indian troops across the line.

The two soldiers of Pakistan army were martyred during the fight while enemy’s 3 check posts were destroyed by them. However the number of enemy’s dead or wounder soldiers yet to be confirmed. On the other hand Indian military lied to Indian public about surgical strike while their own experts were not sure about it.

Video Link:

Former Mumbai Police Chief exposed the lies of Indian military and ruled out the possibility of surgical strike in Pakistan’s territory without air force. However such kinds of attack might provoke Pak armed troops and their can be large scale war between both countries.

The madness of Indian ruling party and PM Modi has threatened the peace of the region while Indian troops are not willing to fight at all.

It is the duty of sane Indian and civil society to discourage such madness of Indian media and government. The people of occupied Kashmir must be given the right of freedom otherwise there would be no long lasting peace at all.

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