ISIS Shares Christian Children Burning Alive

ISIS shared Christian children burning alive on the internet and the whole news shocked the people all over the world. A picture of the Christian children trapped in the cage near the member of their organization got attention of the people all around the globe. The description however was not written about that incident where they had shared the only picture of Christian children.

ISIS was formed by group of people who have been executing people of all communities whether they people belonged to Muslim, Christian or any other community. The phenomenon that this organization has been an Islamic state was rejected and denied by the Islamic religious scholars. They said that Islam never allowed anyone to execute anyone.

Many videos and pictures have been shared on the internet by that organization that showed their real face that those people did not belong to any religion rather they just the world to get terrified from them. The religious scholars who belonged to Islam have said that their act has been against the teaching of Islam.

Picture of ISIS member trying to give message to whole world by standing near the trapped Christian people in the cage, was just to scare people. Christian community claimed that it was totally against them and belonged to Islam. The earlier video was released when those people were seen stoning the innocent girl to death also reported to be a Muslim girl.

ISIS news of giving message to the whole world about crucifying the Christian children by burning them alive in the trapped cage was just to scare the whole community while the truth was quite different. That organization never took care of the innocent lives while executing them so the representative of people from Muslim, Christian and other communities should not be blamed for cruel act of that organization.

ISIS Burning Children Alive

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