ISIS Burns Innocent Children Alive

ISIS burned Christian children alive that scared the whole world. The news of Christian children being burned alive was shared on the social media when some photos of the children in the cage were seen. The photos looked original and real ones but there was not any description mentioned. The News anchor explored the news in their news channel.

Picture of ISIS member standing near the Christian children who were in the cage were supposed to be set on fire by him. The photos were shared to scare the whole people all around the world. The strange and pathetic act of those people annoyed the whole world. The Christian community raised the issue in the United Nation Organization.

Many incidents have been reported through the social media pages of those people who have been pretending to be Muslims but the religious scholars all over the world called them non Muslims. The recent news of the Christian children being burned alive in the cage got the attention of every people and they decided to make a strong plan to terminate those people who have been misleading the whole world.

ISIS organization has been misleading the whole world by pretending to be the Muslims but the facts have gone totally against them. The religious scholars of Islam all around the world have rejected their concept of executing people. The news of Christian children being burn alive was taken as the real threat to the world.

ISIS members were seen executing people despite of the people belonging to Muslim community, Christian community and other communities. So the religious scholars of Islam have argued that it has all gone against their real faces that they were Muslims. Christian children that were shown in the recent viral picture brought up real cause of terror in the minds of officials and they have decided to take serious actions against such people.

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