IPL Match Surprises Cricket Fans

IPL match surprised cricket fans when 9 runs needed on the last 3 balls of the match. That match was played between Mumbai Indians and Rajhistan Royals. Sensational match was eventually won by the batting side since the bowling all rounder of Australia got hit by two huge sixes on the last two deliveries. Captain of bowling side was also the player from Australia.

Video of IPL last moments of that match between Mumbai Indians and Rajhistan Royals were enjoyed by all the cricket fans of the entire cricketing world. The commentators were really excited to see such moments when the bowler and the captain of Australia got dejected. The left arm medium bowler of Australia has played for his county in the short format many times.

Shane Watson tried to calm him down when the 2 runs were needed on the last delivery. Cricket fans thought that the match would be won by the bowling side since all the pressure of the cricket fans were on the batsman who had to face the last ball. The second last ball of the match was the crucial one that was hit for the maximum runs.

IPL cricket fans must have not watched such moments before and they could not witness such thriller that was taking the interest of all the people watching the match on the internet. The people of Australia also were watching it since they wanted to see their bowler and captain in the next round matches.

IPL crowd could not ask for more entertainment that they had been witness in the match between the Mumbai Indians and the Royals. The Mumbai Indians were being coached by the little master Sachin Tendulkar and he was also expecting his team to win the match. Cricket fans of Rajhistan Royals still wanted bowler and captain of Australia to keep the nerves and win the match which they could not do.

Video Link : http://dawntoday.com/yZK3j

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