IPL Bowler Amazes with Strange Action

IPL bowler amazed with strange action and the video was viral all over the cricketing nation. The people sitting in the stadium were also looking at him with amazement since they had seen an earlier bowler just like South Africa. That bowler of South Africa also had the similar bowling action. Both the bowlers had actions that were not known to the cricketing world.

Action of IPL bowler attracted everybody sitting in the stadium since they had been watching that strange action after a long time. They had earlier watched such kind of action by a bowler of the South Africa team. South Africa produced left arm china man bowler Paul Adams who had the similar sort of action.

That bowler of South Africa got some attention at the start when the commentators and the fans of cricket talked about him. He could not continue playing for team South Africa since his performance did not allow him. Such bowlers could only bowl for certain period of time since they did not have that spin and wicket taking ability.

That IPL bowler had the chance to take two wickets in his first opening match. His all team mates wished him good luck and the entire stadium was full of joy for that new comer in the team. People sitting in the stadium really appreciated and watched him closely. As he approached near to the people in the stadium they all wanted to take a picture of him.

That IPL bowler was asked about the left arm bowler of South Africa and he did mention his name. He was really impressed with the player of South Africa and always wanted to copy him. He said that he was impressed with the unique china man bowling. The whole stadium watched the action of that bowler similar to the bowling action of South Africa on the big screen and everybody said that he got a crazy style of bowling.

Strange Action in IPL of Bowler

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