Inzimam Plays After 9 Years in Cricket Ground

Inzimam Plays After 9 Years in Cricket Ground. Muhammad Amir has been known int he world cricket for his ideal swing and dangerous bowling against every batting side. He was not a good bowler but also has been very handy with the bat too. Many times he showed that he can hang around with the batsman and could hit hits against the spinners as well. He had surprised Australia team in the world cup when he hit two huge sixes of the bowling of the spinner.

Muhammad Amir also hit a boundary the left arm fast bowler of Australia since he had come early in the middle due to the wickets loss of Pakistan cricket team. The spinner of Australia cricket team thought him to be the mug with the bat but he proved him wrong when he lifted the ball towards the long on position for a huge six.

Pakistani cricket team really got impressed when he hit the six. In the very next over the left arm fast bowler of Pakistan repeated the same shot but of the bowling of another spinner of Australia. Pakistan managed to achieve a good total with the help of the hits of the Pakistan left arm fast bowler who was playing well.

Inzimam Plays After 9 Years

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