Insane Crowd Stop Steve Waugh

Steve Waugh gets surrounded by the insane crowd of West Indies when he was stopped for taking the winning runs on the last ball of the match. Australia needed only four runs on the last ball and the ball was hit towards the boundary line. The batsman of Australia had started to run for the runs but right at that moment the insane crowd came in the ground to stop and surrender him.

Steve Waugh was batting quite freely and took the game till the last over. The match was pretty much even and it could have gone either way. The supporters and the crow were supporting the home team West Indies. It has been the real teaser that was taking the supporters to watch till the end and nobody could leave their seats before the last ball bowled.

As the last ball arrived and the bowler bowled it, Australia needed only four runs and it could have been the victory for the batting side. An interesting and strange incident happened when the batsman lifted the ball towards the leg side and ran for the runs. The batsman was returning for the second run but before he completed it the insane crowd of West Indies started rushing towards the middle of the pitch.

Steve Waugh was just in the middle of the run when the people started to run towards the ground and wanted to stop the batsman of Australia to take the remaining runs so that he could not equal the score or win the match for Australia. The batsman was then surrounded by the crowd but the fielders and bowler of West Indies team had run towards the pavilion.

Steve Waugh could not do anything as all the fans of West Indies cricket team were standing all around him as if they did not want him to go anywhere. The commentators were also quite worried including the players who were sitting in the dressing room. Australia team security manager went to the middle to give security to his batsmen.

Insane Crowd Stops Steve Waugh

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