Indian Army Officer Finds Himself in Trouble

Indian army officer found himself in trouble when a lady showed his real face along with his two friends as well who were involved in the incident of revealing some secrets to the lady just to get her attention. That lady was harassed by all those three men who were serving their country in the capacity of Army. Those three men misbehaved with the lady and tried to have an affair with her on the social media.

Indian army officer denied all the allegations but the committee that was set to investigate the matter that was raised by the lady on the social media and on electronic media. She told each and everything to the social and electronic media that those three men who were working in the official department of India harassed her on the internet.

They all wanted to have an affair with the lady who did not want any sorts of interaction with them. The act of denial by the lady provoked those soldiers to misbehave with the lady on the internet and personally. During that whole issue, those people tried their each and every tactic by telling some confidential stuff of the India to that lady.

Indian army officer along with his two friends who were also working on Government pay role for the Army, asked that lady to befriend with them. The lady denied that made those people to show their selves off by telling her that they all were the employees and could do anything for her. The lady did not want them to befriend with her but they insisted and continuously stalked her.

Complaint of Indian army officer to the social media and electronic media was done by that lady when they did not stop bothering her on the internet. The news of that incident was also told on the media globally. That incident of also proved the Prime Minister of India wrong that the Army of India was the department that never had any notorious man working.

Army Officer Misbehaves With Lady

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