India Plays Thriller with Pakistan

India played a thriller match with Pakistan team in the cricket ground of Australia. The match went down to the last ball that ended in the victory of Pakistan. This was the most thrilling match between them and Pakistan. The crowd had already started to talk about getting it down to the wire in Australia. Only one run was needed on the last ball while Pakistan had only one wicket in hand.

Team India was battling till the last over. Their main fast bowler was going to bowl in the ground of Australia. Pakistan was hoping to win the contest to stay alive in the series. The two bowlers of Pakistan team was at the crease and they were making time tough for the bowling side. They had been taking many doubles due to the long boundaries.

As the bowler started to bowl and reached near the umpire, he tried to run out the batsman who was standing at the non striking end. He thought that the batsman would have left his crease and he could run him out on the last ball. The supporters of Pakistan team were sitting quite nervous in the stadium. The Australian fans were also there in the stadium supporting both the teams.

Captain of India was very nervous too since he had to beat the bat to win the game for the bowling side. All the fielders were brought back in the circle since there was no point of keeping them at the boundaries. The boundaries were too long and if the ball had gone in the deep Pakistan would have won comfortably.

Wicket keeper of India team was standing quite active behind the stumps but he was standing wee bit behind. The last ball of the thriller between them and Pakistan was to be finished but nobody could know who would win to go further in the Australia series.

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