India Gets Surprising Finish

India got surprising finish with Pakistan that ended in the favor of the Pakistan cricket team. The pitch of Australia was helping both the bowlers and the batsmen. The thriller of the contest was watched by so many supporters and fans all over Australia and back at home of Pakistan as well. The last ball was about to be bowled when Pakistan had only one wicket in their hands.

Fans of India were hopeful that the bowler could beat the ball but they did not know that if he had beaten the bat still they could have lost the match that was being played on the soil of Australia. Pakistan has never been addicted to such short scoring games since they liked to bat on the pitches of subcontinent.

As the bowler started his run up and neared the umpire, he observed that the batsman of Pakistan cricket team was starting early to go for the run. He tried to run him out. Luckily the batsman of Pakistan was standing in his crease and never left it. The chance of being sharp went in vain from the bowler. The last hope for the bowling side to win the game was to beat the bat or get him out.

Viewers of India and supporters could not believe what had happened there in the middle. Although the bowler had been able to miss the bat yet they could not stop them from running the extra run. All the people watching the cricket match thriller in the stadium stood on their seats to see the final result as the batsman left his crease for extra run.

India and Pakistan had never fought in such tight situation and it had come in the grounds of Australia. Batsman of Pakistan who was in fact the bowler, started to run with full pace since he knew that Pakistan could win the match. The batsman on the non striking end of Pakistan team also responded very quickly. The wicket keeper also missed to hit the stumps so that he could run the batsman out. Pakistan team won that match in Australia on final delivery.

1 Run Needed on 1 Ball

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