Imran Tahir Get Man of The Match

Imran Tahir got man of of the match award after getting 7 wickets. The right arm leg spinner of South Africa team was able to grip and spin the ball. West Indies players could not cope up with the bowling of the leg spinner. Pakistani based cricketer has been playing for South Africa team and has been performing really well.

Imran Tahir turned his team into victorious ones. He took seven wickets for just forty five runs. He was the main destroyer of the West Indies team. The leg spinner of South Africa cricket team used to play in the domestic matches for Pakistan. He could not get any chance to play in the national side so the leg spinner moved to England to play county cricket matches there.

The leg break bowler then moved from England to South Africa to play county matches there. He stayed there and got the permanent residence. He had to wait for 4 years for the permission to represent the country of South Africa. The spinner who had played most of his cricket in Pakistan, started to do well at the international lever.

Imran Tahir never got disappointed due to the lack of opportunities since he always wanted to play cricket and nationality never mattered for him. South Africa team also felt really amazing to have him in the team.

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