Imran Nazir Plays Shane Warne

Imran Nazir Plays Shane Warne when he smashed century on very few balls. He scored 111 runs on just 44 balls. His innings of 111 runs included fifty of just 16 deliveries which was the fastest fifty of the league. Imran Nazir was sighting the ball like foot ball. He smashed the bowlers all around the park.

Hitting of cricket opener in the Indian cricket league attracted so many people who had come there in the stadium for fascinating game of cricket. The amazing scenes were seen in the match when the second innings started with a bang. Imran Nazir surprised everyone with his amazing skills of hitting sixes and boundaries.

Huge test of bowlers were seen in that match of Indian cricket league as this looked the batting paradise. Imran Nazir has been signed by the team since they knew he could get them quick start but he also surprised them when a quick fifty was made and then he carried on the innings to 111 runs on just 44 balls.

Huge sixes of cricket opener that belonged to Pakistan did not stop even when the power play was ended. Imran Nazir carried on the innings the way he scored the big hitting in first six over. The umpires got also tired by signaling fours and sixes after some balls. Imran Nazir innings of 111 runs on just 44 balls reminded the fastest century at that time by the all rounder of Pakistan.

Another cricket opener used to start the game in the same way has been the current batsman of New Zealand. He must have seen great hitting of Imran Nazir. Since that league had some controversies so it could not continue and all the players who had been playing in that Indian cricket league did not have any other options to go back to their homes after the league ended.

Imran Nazir 111 Runs on Just 44 Balls

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