Imran Khan Steals Thriller From Australia

Imran Khan stole a thriller match against Australia that was played in Sydney cricket ground. The match looked very tight and any team could win the match but the captain of the Pakistan cricket team took the responsibility and came to bowl. It was no surprising thing that the captain himself brought himself back despite of the fact that the other bowlers like Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis still had to bowl their over out.

Imran Khan has been very popular cricket during his cricketing career due to his passion for the cricket to win the matches for Pakistan. He had earned his place in the Pakistan cricket team as an all rounder who always showed courage to step up and lead the team by winning the thrilling matches. Australia was cruising to victory in that match played at Sydney cricket ground.

In the middle of the game all the players of the Australia team had so much belief that they would not lose the match to the Pakistan. On the other hand Pakistani bowlers kept on making batting hard for the Australia cricket team but they could not get many wickets till the captain of the Pakistan cricket team decided to come back so that he could try and break the partnership.

Imran Khan was pretty much sure that they would definitely make a comeback in the match thought Pakistan cricket team looked to be on losing side. The captain had to decide whether to bowl out himself or bring back the other bowlers. He brought him back so that he could get a hope that was dying with the batting of Tom Moody.

Imran Khan stood firm on his belief and showed the world that if you had the courage to win the game and do well for the country then anything could be possible. The match was then won on the last ball by Pakistan. All the commentators of Australia were appreciating the effort that was made by the captain of Pakistan cricket team himself.

Imran Khan Stuns Australia

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