Imad Waseem Breaks Partnership

Imad Waseem Breaks Partnership. The match was played between both the countries in 1983 in Sharja cricket ground. The captain of Pakistan cricket team was known to the best all rounders of his own era and had earned quite fame in his batting and bowling.

Imran Khan used to bat and bowl in the crucial innings of the matches and in that particular match he proved that right. He was opening up to hit some shots and he did that in the last over as he faced one of the fastest bowlers of opposition. Pakistan supporters were really happy when they watched the destructive innings of the captain.

He was one of the best all rounders that game has ever produced. He had won many matches for the country with his captaincy. Pakistani players and the supporters were really amazed as he was hitting the bowler very hard. Everybody thought that hitting huge sixes to the tallest and the fastest bowler was quite difficult but the captain cum all rounder of Pakistan cricket team proved him to be the hero of the game.

Imad Waseem Gets Morgan

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