Ice Cream Parlor Gets Exposed by Anchor

Anchor of the private news channel explored the bad acts of the ice cream parlor when she raided there with their camera man. The news was broken on the private news channel that has been running a program famous for the revealing the bitter realities of the society. The news was quite shocking for the people of the country as well.

Anchor of the news channel was quite surprised to see the acts that have been done by the young boys and girls who had come there not for the ice cream but for their personal satisfaction. That ice cream parlor was giving young generation of opposite gender with the opportunities to do bad acts that have been restricted by the society and the religion.

The ice cream parlor was being run with the help of the police men who knew exactly what was being going on in that place in the name of selling ice cream. The story was broken when the female host went there with the camera man of the news channel. They said that they got to know the information regarding that ice cream parlor that it was offering the services to the ladies and gents for doing bad acts.

The anchor could not believe when she went there and saw some bad acts being done there. So many young couples had been there with full privacy and when the camera captured them doing ill deeds, they got ashamed of themselves. The female host asked the owner of the ice cream parlor about the activities that were carried by girls and boys then he did not have any answer to it. He kept on denying any activity that might surprise the society.

Video made by anchor of the news channel raised so many questions to the rulers of the country as such ice cream parlor was being run with the help of the police men and the political people. The owner of the ice cream parlor has been giving huge amount to those men so that it could keep on running the place of immoral acts by taking huge amount. The female host also showed that there was no ice cream at the spot.

Ice Cream Parlor or?

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