Human Rights Violation Over Love of Couple

Human rights violation happened in the country of India when two young boy and girl were penalized for loving each other and going against the will of the family members of the society. Their crime was only that they wanted to get married but their parents wanted them to marry of their own will. Both denied for accepting the decision that was forced by their parents and the family members.

Information of human rights violation was given to the police station when somebody went to ask the police men to save the girl and the boy who were being buried in the graveyard. The graveyard was full of young people who were watching the disturbing incident but nobody dared to save that couple. Due to the invasion of the police men they were able to sprinkle them all over and took the couple out of graveyard.

This has been done in the past when the human being was not that much literate and some groups of the people had penalized their daughters for loving each other. Same kind of incident was also watched when the Taliban did the same thing with the young lady. The video of that young lady also went viral when she was stoned to death by the Taliban.

Video of human rights ignorance of that young couple of India also raised so many questions when their officials were asked about the incident. The video showed that cruel family members of the boy and girl were taking them to the graveyard. Video of graveyard was shared by somebody who was present there to see the pathetic act with the young couple.

Human rights bill has been passed when the national members of the assembly of the parliament of India raise the issue and they all agreed to the plan. The recent news that was shared on the social media and on the electronic media raised some doubts of the bill and its implementation when the young couple was being buried alive in the graveyard.

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