Human Rights Get Disrespected For Love

Human rights got disrespected of young male and female who were in love with each other. Their love took them to the graveyard when the elders of those boy and girl penalized them for loving each other. That strange incident of burying them alive jolted the whole India and the world. The news really destroyed the image of the India all over the world.

Such human rights ignorance reminded the officials of the India when they passed out the resolution of giving importance to the every citizen and they felt really pity for the young couple. Both boy and girl loved each other and wanted to marry despite of their parents’ disagreement. Their family members and the parents wanted to teach both of them the lesson for going against the norms of the society.

This was such a pathetic incident that ever took place in India. People talked about the early era of the human being when they were born and people used to burn and bury people alive since they were illiterate. The recent incident of India made brought back the mentality to the old era. Many NGOs and welfare workers protested against the mishandling of the mistake of the young couple.

Human right not giving to the young boy and girl was the breaking news for the news channels as they kept the news breaking all over the media channels. Young lad and the girl wanted to go against the will of their family members but they had planned something different for themselves. They both were buried alive in the graveyard.

News of human rights violation of those two human beings was something so disgraceful for the whole community other than the family members of both of them who were pushed in the graveyard just because their crime was to love each other and wishing for the marriage.

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