Human Like Rats Come Out of

Human like rats have been coming out to the world. The strange creature looked like the rats that have similar appearance to the human being. The video was shared on the social media and the people said that they had never seen such creature before. People were really amazed to see such creatures. It has been observed by some of the farmers in Thailand that such creatures were walking on the planet.

These Human like rats looked at the humans and those rats were also feeling quite strange after having seen the human beings. The video was made by some of the people who had witness them closely. They also uploaded the video on the social media and told everybody on the internet.

Scientists have said that they have never said anything like that before. They thought that the human like rats have hidden some where under the earth and nobody was able to find their places. The Scientists said that perhaps they had come out only when the earth started to get heated. Different creatures have been seen in different countries.

Videos had gone viral on social media and everybody started to share it on internet. The amazing videos attracted lots of viewers.

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