Herschelle Gibbs Faces Amazing Ball

Herschelle Gibbs Faces Amazing Ball from the medium fast bowler of Pakistan Muhammad Asif. The delivery that took the off stumps of the batsman was so confusing to the batsman that he could not pick it. The ball swung back quite sharply and went through the minor gap between bat and pad. The batsman Cameron White was completely surprised.

Australian batsman might not forget that magical delivery from the bowler who was banned from the international cricket for being involved in the spot fixing issue. He had bowled some magnificent spells for the country. On the other hand Muhammad Asif turned into a bowler that could move the ball on any kind of pitch.

Muhammad Asif and company was very excited to see the batsman getting bowled. That delivery was one of of those deliveries that took the attention of the world about the world class bowler. He was ranked very high among the top bowlers of Pakistan and in the international teams. He has been bowling really well in the domestic season.

Australian batsmen were struggling against Muhammad Asif in the test matches as well that were played in England. In one of those matches Amir and Asif bowled really well.

Muhammad Asif vs Herschelle Gibbs

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