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Animal bit the little kid when he was playing with it. The little kid tried to tease the dog with the little stick that was being given to him by the parents of that little kid. The video was made by the person who handed over that stick to the boy. The dog was being kept at the home by the parents as the pet since its birth.

That animal has been loved by all the family members of the house and every member of the family thought it to be the dog that could not harm anybody. The dog shocked whole family members when it started to bite the little kid who was playing with it. The boy never thought that pet to be so dangerous with anyone but it proved them wrong.

The incident of dog biting the little kid was as surprising as the parents of that little kid did not expect such reaction from the pet that they had kept for many months. Although the little kid was very annoyed when the dog bit him hard on his back yet he responded back like a cornered tiger. The boy reacted very angrily and bit the ear of that pet as well.

The animal also was quite surprised by the response of the little boy when it reacted back and bit its ear. The video might have looked very funny and some people on the social media took it as the fight between the kid and the pet dog but in reality it was quite shame for the parents of the boy. The father of that boy was also worried when it saw the kid biting the ear of the dog.

Animal video of the pet which surprised the little kid by biting on his back was some kind of lesson for the parents. Some people said that small children should have never been left playing with such dog as pet. They said that dog had a good reputation of being very loyal with the family members when kept as a pet but it might hurt you when it was treated badly.

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