Groom Reaction on Wedding

Animal got shocked by the reaction of the little kid who kept on teasing it during the play it was playing with him. The boy holding a little stick kept on teasing the pet dog when the parents of the kid wanted him to play with it. The video of that funny fight was also made and shared on the social media by the family members of that little boy who did not what was going to happen with him.

The animal looked very sober when it was being played by the smallest member of the house. The father of the kid also started to enjoy the little fight between the dog and boy. In the start of the video the kid was having fun with the pet dog and tried to tease it with the little stick that he held for quite a while.

The dog got irritated with the continuous teasing action of the small kid. It just started to bite the back of the kid with its teeth that made the boy cry and complaint it to his dad about the bad behavior of their pet dog. The child kept on shouting as he was feeling pain on his back but nobody helped him out by rescuing him from the dangerous pet dog.

Pet animal got revenge from the kid who kept on teasing it with the stick but it did not know the fight might prolong as it happened in that case. The child responded back and started to bit the ear of the dog. The dog shouted as it was being hurt quite badly with the bit by the little kid. The video was quite surprising for everybody.

The animal fight with the little kid was the first video of that kind in which a human being bit the pet dog. Some of the viewers complained about the bad attitude of the parents who left the kid with the pet dog. The dog could have hurt the child and it might have been very painful for the family member of that house.

Groom Strange Action on Wedding

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