Glenn McGrath Gets Treatment by Shahid Afridi

Glenn McGrath got treatment by Shahid Afridi when he hit the nineteen years old in Australia. Shahid Afridi used to bat as opener in Australia. The fast bowler of Australia cricket team was at his peak of his bowling. He hit the right hand opener on his head that had shaken the pinch hitter of Pakistan Cricket team.

Glenn McGrath shook his head when he got the treatment from the all rounder of Pakistan. Shahid Afridi toured to Australia at that time and he never had any idea of how to go about the batting on those pitches that had bounce and sometimes swing. The partner of Shahid Afridi did tell him to stay calm and try to see off the first few over.

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Shahid Afridi has been advised by lots of players throughout his career when he was batting in the middle. Some of the people in Australia loved his style of going after the ball and not caring about the movement of the ball in the few early over. Shahid Afridi won man of the match in one of the final that he played against West Indies cricket team.

Glenn McGrath and company were worried about that positive sign from the batting of the Pakistani opener who did have his own style of batting on those Australia pitches. He batted like a true responsible batsman and took three crucial matches in the finals of the tournament to be the man of the match.

Glenn McGrath and Brett Lee were the main fast bowlers of Australia who did cause troubles to the other batsmen. Shahid Afridi continued to play shots and his style of batting in the shorter formats have not changed at all. Many cricket commentators in Australia said that it was impossible to make Shahid Afridi understand to stay at the pitch.

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