Glenn McGrath Gets Response by Shahid Afridi

Glenn McGrath got response by Shahid Afridi after he was hit on the head by the right arm fast bowler of Australia. The fast bowler was bowling at his peak when he bowled a bouncer to the right hand opener and pinch hitter of Pakistan cricket team Shahid Afridi. He did not mind it since it did not hurt him. On the very next two balls the right hander took his revenge by sending the ball to the boundary line.

Glenn McGrath has been the most economical bowler of Australia and he has never let any batsman to go after him. This was the first time that the bowler looked quite desperate as he hit the batsman Shahid Afridi on his head. Shahid Afridi escaped the bouncer on the previous ball but decided to keep on playing positive cricket.

It was the only first over of the Pakistan Innings and the bowlers of Australia wanted to take full control of the match. Pitches of Australia did have bounce in them and all the bowlers of other countries and the batsmen did struggle on their pitches since they did not know how to adjust on those pitches. Pakistani batsman Shahid Afridi had different style of batting and facing in Australia.

Glenn McGrath did thing that after hitting him a bouncer that the batsman would never try to hit back and he would be sitting on the back foot.  Positive style of Shahid Afridi made him stay positive and go for the every ball that was pitched up neat his bat. The first ball after the bouncer was an attempt to the Yorker but could not pitch it perfectly.

Fast bowler Glenn McGrath of Australia team found it difficult after bowling a bouncer to the star all rounder of the Pakistan cricket team Shahid Afridi when the batsman hit him hard on the last ball over the over as well. The cricket fans of Australia loved the strike of the pinch hitter of the Pakistan who was just nineteen years old at that time.

McGrath vs Shahid Afridi

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